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Friday, November 17, 2017

My Ramblings: Are Vampires & Werewolves Finally Dead?

Are Vampires & Werewolves Finally Dead?

I've been hearing that the vampire and werewolf genre (paranormal romance genre in general) has died for years now and strangely I'm still finding and reading newly released books in this genre for the last decade or so. I can agree that it has become less popular and maybe a tad bit socially unacceptable, but it's far from dead. Ever since the 'Twilight" movies concluded everyone assumes the genre as a whole simply poofed out of existence. I've realized that some people seem to think that just because it's 'out of style' (in a sense) that everyone who loves it/has ever loved it died right along with them.

Surprisingly this is something that gets under my skin. When asked what I like to do for fun, my answer will usually be reading. The next question that comes out is, "Well, what do you like to read then?". It seems people assume that I adore classics or something because when I say paranormal romance they're all of a sudden taken aback and think I'm reading something along the lines of 50 Shades Of Grey. It's perfectly fine to read those types of books but it isn't my cup of tea. I'm not here to shame anyone's taste in books. However, I'd love to understand how they get to that conclusion. Then again, I've never read 50 Shades Of Grey, are there vampires somewhere in there and I'm the only one who hasn't heard of it? 

In conclusion, it seems that declaring a specific genre 'dead' is somewhat of a fad. Everything at one point will go into obscurity and eventually make a come back. It's like the fashion world, everything is cyclical. At the end of the day, I'm reading what makes my twisted little heart happy. I don't see why everything we do has to be socially acceptable. Tastes will vary from person to person and you shouldn't judge what people like to read on their own time.

Do you like the paranormal romance genre?
Have you ever been "shamed" for reading a specific type of book?
Let me know in the comments below!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Power Of Book Covers: Angelic Anarchy By J. P. Epperson

They say don't judge a book by it's movie...err...COVER. 
BUT they never said we couldn't PRAISE them.

This week's cover:

Angelic Anarchy
By J. P. Epperson

Where there is goodness, evil is sure to follow. Where there is light, darkness is never far behind.

Belleeza isn’t the angel your parents told you about as a child. She’s a weapon. A warrior. But even warriors have their weaknesses—and even warriors can have their hearts broken. Betrayed by the only man she’s ever loved, Belleeza throws herself into an unusual mission to find a missing teenage boy. But the treacherous path she finds herself on could lead her closer towards the darkness than she had ever imagined—perhaps even into the depths of Hell itself. And what about Colton, the beautiful angel turned demon who trampled all over her heart?

Betrayals, secrets, torture, and passion. Be careful what you wish for—Heaven on Earth might just be more than you bargained for.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Blog Tour/Review: André By Sybil Bartel

(Uncompromising #3)
By Sybil Bartel 


The Marines trained me to set my sights and wait for the shot. For eight years, I guarded my brothers and defended my country. Now I protect my clients. My personal security firm is the best in the business because I leave nothing to chance… until a dark-haired, hazel-eyed spitfire crosses my path.

She and her sexy-as-hell striptease were supposed to be a one-night distraction. But too late I noticed the branding on her back and my blood ran cold. This woman wasn’t a distraction—she was a death sentence.

Knowing who she was left me no choice. I took her on as my client. But running from her past wasn’t an option.

The Marines didn’t train me to retreat. They taught me to engage.

One shot. One kill.
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Check The Other Books In This Series:
(Linked to my review)

My Review:

* I was provided an eARC of this novel by the author in exchange of an honest review.

I'm so glad I gave this series another chance after reading the first novel. It's proved to be so good! My expectations were surpassed and I loved every second of it. I'm already anxiously awaiting for more books in this series.

I'm not the biggest fan of Kendall, but I can respect where she's coming from. I didn't like how she would turn her rage on and off at the drop of a hat. All the pointless arguments with André and her bringing up her apparent death wish were getting old. She was so unpredictable in her actions and her words. As much as I liked her feistiness, I wouldn't want to interact with her with a ten-foot pole.

I'm glad André finally got his book! He's played the side character for long enough. It was nice getting to know him and how fierce and in control, he needs to be to run his company. Kendall was a handful since he met her and, in a way, they were perfect for each other.

On a completely separate note, I can't wait for Hero to get his book! His 'ending' with Kendall was bittersweet and heartbreaking, in a way. He needs a chance at a real happy ending. 

One last note: Would it have killed anyone to write in a condom in this story? I was cringingly awaiting for the pregnancy plot twist to drop for SO long. I'm glad it didn't. Better safe than sorry is my motto for life though.

My Favorite Quotes:

"Save yourself, little one. (...) Because no one else will."

"Sarcasm wasn't my best friend, it was my lover."

"Your past will either define you or motivate you. It is a choice."

My Rating:

**Book Look**

Book Look: André By Sybil Bartel

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About The Author:

Sybil Bartel grew up in Northern California with her head in a book and her feet in the sand. She dreamt of becoming a painter but the heady scent of libraries with their shelves full of books drew her into the world of storytelling. She loves the New Adult genre, but any story about a love so desperately wrong and impossibly beautiful makes her swoon.

Sybil now resides in Southern Florida and while she doesn’t get to read as much as she likes, she still buries her toes in the sand. If she isn’t writing or fighting to contain the banana plantation in her backyard, you can find her spending time with her handsomely tattooed husband, her brilliantly practical son and a mischievous miniature boxer…

But Seriously? Here are ten things you probably really want to know about Sybil.

She grew up a faculty brat. She can swear like a sailor. She loves men in uniform. She hates being told what to do. She can do your taxes (but don’t ask). The Bird Market in Hong Kong freaks her out. Her favorite word is desperate…or dirty, or both—she can’t decide. She has a thing for muscle cars. But never rely on her for driving directions, ever. And she has a new book boyfriend every week—don’t tell her husband.


* This giveaway is the responsibility of Xpresso Book Tours & the author.

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Four Series Book Covers I Wish Would Be Redesigned

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Welcome back to:
A weekly feature created By The Broke and the Bookish

I'll be going off topic for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday because I don't want children and the cousins/nephews/etc. that I have don't speak english. So considering that it'd be a pointless list in my opinion.

This Week's Topic:
Top Four Series Book Covers
I Wish Would Be Redesigned

* Book titles are linked to my review. 

1. Branded Trilogy By Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

A Few Covers Of The Past:

Latest Covers:

This series has gone through quite a few redesigns, which leads me to believe that there are people that aren't happy with the covers either. None of the covers I've seen really speak to what the books are about. With the exception of the first one, they are all too aesthetically pleasing and doesn't bring up or allude to the fact that this series takes rather dark turns with its storyline.

A Few Covers Of The Past:

Latest Covers:

As much as I loved the newest covers, they don't really go with the story. The dresses are beautiful and eye-catching on a shelf, but what character has time to wear something like that while on the run? I like covers that either represents the characters in the story or alludes to the overall tone of the story (light, colorful and easy going or dark, gritty and heart-wrenching, etc.). Also, what's up with that first cover? Before I started google searching this series I had no idea that first cover even existed.

The covers are beautiful and have nothing to do with the story. Considering the story is about a bad*ss group of genetically superior beings, why not have the covers featuring a powerful and dangerous looking model that represents a character in the books and have a different one for each book? I'd point out the Isolation Series Covers By Taylor Brooke as an example because they did that and they are gorgeous and have everything to do with the story.

This series features a paraplegic hero and you'd never know that by looking at the covers. I'd love to see a model in a wheelchair on the cover in a creative way or have something alluding to the disability on the covers straight away. The author seems to like to switch between cover pictures in the series. The last time I checked the images for the first and second books were switched with each other. It's a great series, but the covers, in my opinion, need some work.
I bet you have a few book covers that aren't up to
par with the stories you've read.
Let's discuss what you think went wrong in the comments below!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Book Look #190: Fighting Shadows By Aly Martinez

Hiya My Little Predators!!

Hope you enjoy!! C:

Book Looks was created by @Jen and Books and Other Happy Ever Afters.

This Week:
Fighting Shadows By Aly Martinez
Book Look: Fighting Shadows By Aly Martinez
For my previous Book Looks click here!
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